UW Fashion Lookbook

UW Fashion Lookbook

Visual Design

Type of work
Visual Design

Languages and Tech
Adobe InDesign, Photoshop

Winter 2014

As part of an extracurricular involvement on campus, I was responsible for the visual design projects created by University of Waterloo's Style Society. The club promotes campus style and fashion consciousness through student-led projects such as the Waterlook lookbook project and Ring Road Runway.

Waterlook Iconography

During Fall 2014, I was responsible for creating the visual language and layout for the term's Waterlook project. This involved creating iconography to complement the theme of the project, which was drinks. The goal was to produce clean, intentional visuals without detracting from the main photography content of the project.

The drinks-themed lookbook cover featuring the created iconography. By now, it is apparent that Oswald is one of my favourite fonts.

Waterlook Shoot 1

Waterlook Shoot 2

Typography was bold and intentional, while the subtle icon visuals complemented each team's drink choice.

Fashion Illustration

As the creative media director during my Winter 2016 term, I created a fashion illustration as the club's cover photo on the Facebook page.

ECSEC 2015

The cover drew fashion inspiration from FKA twigs, can you spot her?