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I’m a Filipino-Canadian designer building digital experiences in the consumer space. I’m currently at Instacart helping provide households worldwide access to food. Before that, I designed for the search user experience at Yelp.

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Wired: Yelp Is Overhauling Its App to Emphasize Personalization

Users can customize the app to reflect their stated preferences and lifestyles.

Aug 27 2019
How Yelp’s design team stepped out of the “black box”

Abstract was an ‘open kitchen’ for the growing team that’s hungry for transparency.

Jul 30 2019
Bumble bee tracking app places first at Software Engineering Design Symposium

How a student nonprofit built tech to support the Great Canadian Bumble Bee Count

Mar 19 2018

Hello, I'm John!

I write code and design interfaces. Currently, I am in my final year as a software engineering student in the University of Waterloo. Previously, I have tested code for banking applications, created websites in digital agencies, designed interfaces for a health startup, and wrote code for a record label.