UW Postage Stamp Series

UW Postage Stamp Series

Visual Design

Type of work
Visual Design

Languages and Tech
Figma, Pen and paper

September 16-18, 2016

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Inspired by Szende Brassai's Dribbble illustration, I created an illustration series of postage stamps featuring buildings from my school's campus. The primary goals of the project was to practice visual design and to learn how to use Figma as a vector design tool.

Design Process

The goal in creating these stamps was to simplify the real-life forms of the buildings into its main, defining features. For example, emphasizing the honeycomb lattice for the QNC while omitting minute glass detailing allows the audience to immediately recognize it as the building. The colours were carefully chosen for each stamp to follow a complementary scheme, helping achieve greater contrast in the overall visual composition.

stamp sketches

Sketching out visual layout and compositions.

stamp sketches

Image references of the campus buildings.

Final Illustrations

The final project can be also be viewed in Figma here.

DP Stamp

E5 Stamp

QNC Stamp

From top to bottom: Dana Porter Library, Engineering 5, and the Quantum Nano Centre (QNC).